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Boost Credibility and Sales with Quality Headers!
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Quality Headers Make the Right First Impression

Leva Duell

What if someone told you that if you made one simple change to your web site you could dramatically increase your sales from that site, perhaps as much as 200 or even 300 percent, would you do it?

The simple act of adding a few appropriate, high-quality images, or upgrading any existing ones, can have just that kind of powerful impact on your web site, and your sales.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying may be ages old but its message is just as vital today as when it was first uttered. For web marketers, a companion expression states that, “The right image is worth its weight in gold.” What do these sayings have to do with your web site?

It’s quite simple, really. Your choice of images will clearly, and often dramatically, communicate to your site’s visitors two important messages: What is both the nature and the quality of what you are selling on your site, as well as are you, the person responsible, both professional and to be trusted?

It is not enough to simply put images on your web site. If they are going to be a positive influence, then they must be appropriate (relevant to the focus of your web site and the products you are selling there) and sufficiently high quality. When you look over your current web site, in order to evaluate how effective it is, the very first consideration must be the header.

The header, because it sits at the top of the web page, is the very first thing a visitor will see when they arrive at your site. Therefore, it is the very first opportunity to make a good impression, to let them know what your site is about, and to invite your visitor to go beyond the top of the page.

A poorly done header graphic, or even no header at all, will strongly suggest to your visitors that you are probably not very professional. This usually translates into a lack of trust and confidence in you and, by extension, any products you may be selling.

To state this more simply, if your visitors are turned off by your header graphic, or lack of it, then the likelihood that they will make a purchase, or even want to view more of your site, is greatly diminished. Conversely, if your header gives them a positive impression, it will help to instill a sense of trust and confidence that your visitors will take with them as they read and explore more of your site. This, in turn, usually translates into an increase in sales.

Assuming you have decided you need a quality, professional header, what are your options? For the most part, you have three choices:

1. Hire a professional graphic designer who has experience in creating web graphics. This option allows you to focus your time and energy on producing the content for your web site including, perhaps, writing your ebook.

2. Design and create a header graphic entirely yourself. This option, of course, assumes that you have the time, skill and tools (software) needed to produce a credible header on your own.

3. Your third option is a reasonable combination of options one and two. There are available for purchase various collections of header templates which you can choose from and alter to suit your needs. The better collections include a variety of professionally done, quality header graphics. Typically, these come as Photoshop files which you can open and change as you wish.

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Boost Credibility and Sales with Quality Headers!
Header Templates/Web Templates/FREE 34+ Clipart Resources
FREE report “How To Avoid 10 Mistakes That Will Make You Lose Sales”
© Leva Duell 2006

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